MerexMarkets only uses the best. And we always care that MerexMarkets clients receive the best services. That is why MerexMarkets uses the MT4 platform.

The MT4 platform has been battle tested over a long period of time and is known for its ease of use, advance trading tools that include both indicators and complete trading systems that come in the form of Expert Advisors (EAs), excellent reporting functions and robustness. All these features and abilities have made the flexibility offered by the MT4 justifiably the platform of choice amongst both firms and traders globally. And this helps MerexMarkets better manage accounts and trade. 

With such a list of positive attributes it is little wonder MerexMarkets has also chosen the MetaTrader platform as the method of choice to manage our trading activity and the means for our clients to monitor this activity as it happens.

The Meta Trader advantage offers MerexMarkets clients the following

  • A user-friendly interface, enabling new and experienced traders to trade this volatile market with ease and comfort.
  • 24/7 access to the trading activity that is happening on your account.
  • MT4 supports all the major world languages.
  • Clients have view their account profile information such as the account balance, trading history, access details, as well as password information.
  • MT4 advanced and user friendly charting capabilities which enable trading and analyzing the technical aspects of the market simultaneously.
  • The MT4 platform also incorporates advanced communication tools for us to post messages and communicate with you in real time.
  • MT4 allows you the ability to generate reports at your finger tips.
  • The MT4 platform resources are relatively low which enables you to run other activities simultaneously on your platform without disruption or delay
  • MetaTrader has invested a great deal of time and resources into the security aspects of their MT4 platform and this includes data encryption the data between trader and server with a 129-bit key. Furthermore the trader's IP address is also completely concealed.
  • The MT4 platform was engineered to support all currency crosses as well as the ability to trade other markets such as commodities, futures, and equities.