MerexMarkets started operating based on creating a strategy, now known as the MerexMarkets trading strategy, which MerexMarkets team took time and put in effort to create.

MerexMarkets would not be able to continue making successful trades based on luck, which is why MerexMarkets heavily relies on the MerexMarkets strategy which is used and monitored by MerexMarkets team.

A strategy is the key to having solid and successful trading. It is the only way to guarantee long lasting trading and a lot of profits. Planning means learning strategies and learning how to combine and apply them on your positions.

This includes learning how to use technical and fundamental analysis, charts and tools, and your own logical thinking in order to put the whole scheme together. This is not something than any amount of reading can teach you. You need to be hands on in order to the right strategies.

From the start you must build a basic strategy which you will keep fixing and improving with experience. Of course the strategy will be modified and as time passes it may become unrecognizable compared to the original strategy you created, however you shouldn’t abandon a strategy just because it didn’t work.

Changing strategies all the time won’t help, because no strategy starts off as a strong and successful one, it takes trial and error and enhancement for a strategy to become strong and guarantee success.

MerexMarkets advices you to start off with one strategy and stick to it, and over time it will grow as you grow as a trader and improve with you, until it becomes a strong strategy you can use and depend on at all times.

By MerexMarkets