No Swaps-we offer swap-free accounts with no rollover charges applied to accounts.

No Commissions- no heavy burdened trade fees, no commission charges. Merexmarkets offers a competitive edge benefit, which is a commission free trading for all clients on all Forex trades.


Hedging allowed- hedge to offset exposure to price fluctuations minimising exposure to unwanted risk.


Flexible leverage- up to 1:400 leverage, allowing possibility of greater returns.


Tight Fixed spreads (2 pips)- the tighter the spread the better for your trading strategy.


Merexmarkets is committed to offering you the best possible spreads in the FX markets.


Lots size- our clients can choose between our mini and standard lot sizes, according to their experience and risk tolerance


Market News Coverage-we provide our valued clients with up-to-the-minute market news derived from all the major financial hubs in the world.


MT4 Platform-the leading online trading platform, preferred by traders everywhere. It’s easy-to use interface makes it extremely popular. It provides easy tools to trade FX, futures, commodities and other instruments; it allows traders to analyse price, place and manage trades. Its MQL4 language allows the employment of automated trading (EAs). Its stable and secure foundations facilitates trading for novice and professional traders alike.


Safety, Security and reliability-Merexmarkets are committed to providing the safest and most secure trading environment possible for all our traders and investors. All information is collected and stored on our servers and secured with military grade encryption, and we deliver those same maximum-security measures for personal information related to our clients. We pride ourselves in offering the most secure and reliable service in the industry.


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